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What is a Book Coach? A Book Coach is someone who helps you get your book ready for publication. She critiques your manuscript and suggests changes to help readers connect to your message or story. At Filled Books, your personal book coach also acts as an agent between you and our publishing team. Your personal book coach guides you through every step of our publishing model to ensure that the printed product meets your expectations.

What's the cost of having a Book Coach? No cost to you. Having a FilledBooks, Book Coach is part of our FREE publishing services offered to Christian ministers and speakers. We pay your book coach a percentage of your sales. This ensures that you receive the highest quality from your book coach.

How do I earn $1012 or more? By selling 250 paperback copies of your book at speaking engagements or book signings that your book coach will help you schedule.  See Price Chart.

Will my book coach sell my book? No. Your Book Coach gives you the tools necessary for selling your book, and lists your book with our 37,000+ distribution partners. You alone are responsible for selling the books you order.

What price will my book be? What is the cost of 250 paperbacks? You pay 55% of the retail price of your paperback. The retail price of your book is based on the finished page count. Your Book Coach can estimate your page count during your free manuscript evaluation. See Price Chart.

How long does it take to Filled Books to publish my book? As few as 8 weeks from the beginning of STEP 2 depending on your approval of our team’s designs.

Who can publish with Filled Books? Our publishing model is design for Christian evangelists, ministers, and speakers. You do NOT have to be ordained to qualify for our FREE publishing services.

How do I receive a FREE manuscript evaluation? Submit a request here.

What is included in the media kit? 500 3.5”x2” Promo cards, 2 11”x17” Media Posters, and 1 hi-res graphic to advertise your book on social media.

Who owns the copyright to my book? You do. Your book coach secures your copyright through the Library of Congress.

May I order more than 250 books? Yes. In fact, we offer additional high volume discounts. Ask your book coach for details.

May I order hardcover copies? Yes. Our publication model includes distribution of your book in hardcover. You may order hardcover copies in any quantity as long as your publishing agreement is in effect.

Are there any hidden fees? No. You purchase 250 paperback copies of your book. We cover all cost of publishing including cover design, editing, interior layout, proofreading services, and print charges. If you choose to pay online with a credit or debit card, there is a 3% processing fee added to the cost of your book order.

When will I be paid royalties? Royalties are figured quarterly. You will be paid within 60 days after the quarter’s end in which we receive payment from our distribution partners.

What percentage of royalties will I be paid? You will be paid 30% royalties on publisher compensation. (Publisher compensation is defined as the total receipts less actual print costs, less any fees paid to distribution partners or other marketing agents.)




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